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Lyonn give the best quality design to grow you brand and make it look more professional to your customers. We use all areas, such as marketing to follow a methodology to build your logo and your brand identity.

Brand design

Naming, Slogan, Logos, Brand architecture, Creative concept.


Business Cards, Letterhead, Corporate Folder, Corporate Envelope, Badge, Invoice, Receipt.

Print advertising

Flyer brochure, Bi-fold brochure, Tri-fold brochure, Poster, Poster, Canvas, Floor display banner and Desktop banner display, Banners.

Online advertising

Digital banners for websites, Digital banners for social media and re-marketing, Covers, profiles, post for social media.


Stationery (rubber, pencil, pen, stamp, etc.), Everyday (uniform, shirt, badge, glass, mug) Eventual (thermos, umbrella, cap, backpack, balloon, keychain).


Logo, image, text in bronze, copper, aluminum, steel, glass, acrylic, wood foil, Descriptors of position, Signs internal, Image with backlight.


Bottle, Jar, Can, Bag, Box, Wrap, Label.


Windows, Compact cars, Trucks, Public transport.

Benefits that matters.

We have the skills to do what you need and even more, we have the commitment to give just the best quality for you. So Lyonn is your graphic design agency and we can provide you services like: naming, logo, merchandising, packaging, wrapping, etc.

Maximum quality


Secure projects

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Design projects.

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