We create the Lyonn Agency's history.

In the beginning we started as Valkiria,  a digital services company. We used to provide digital marketing services, design and web development, with the time we realized that our clients needed the best of us. So we improved our skills to give just the best to all our customers and then we decided to change our name. The new name that should reflect our identity as a brand new Digital agency.

So here is where Lyonn Agency born, a digital agency that provide creative solutions to help your company. Starting from an initial strategy based on marketing research, also a professional logo design, your branding design. Also we can create a professional website design and the website development.

Lyonn Agency mission.

Create strong identities that transcend the market, through passionate minds and cutting-edge technologies.

Lyonn Agency vision.

To be one of the most important agencies in Mexico and to be internationally renowned.

Lyonn  culture.

Lyonn is an agency that offers Digital. Therefore we understand how big is our responsibility, our customers trust in us to give them the best. For example, Lyonn can help if you need a logo, website, ecommerce, social media management or an online marketing campaign.

About us.

Lyonn is a multidisciplinary agency of Graphic Design, Marketing and Web Development. Lyonn turns ideas, businesses and companies into success, through global strategies that involve all our areas in an integral way. Consequently being a Comprehensive Agency means having the ability to solve any problem or need in a business. In conclusion, since our departments are integrated to provide solutions and indeed success.

Lyonn values.

  • Purposeful.
  • Proactive.
  • Creativity.
  • Strategy.

  • Passion.
  • Ethics.
  • Responsibility.
  • Commitment.

Walk with the valor of a Lion and the goodness of a child.

Start a new project is hard, firstly you need many tools, secondly you don´t know were to start. In adition you need some one who can help you to get your goals. All the experience and all the projects we have made has given us the experience to give you a solution. Therefore we are more than ready to help your business.


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