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We create Marketing strategies to grow your business and get closer to your potential customers.

Lyonn is your digital Agency that could help you to create a marketing strategy to get closer to your clients. Lyonn helps you through market segmentation, email marketing, social media management or many other techniques. Above all we can help you to create your online marketing strategy. Certainly it’s not enough have a great product or service, it’s necessary to have a great Marketing campaign.

Market segmentation

Complete consumer analysis, this determines the demographic, psychographic, sociographic, economic, motivational, as well as their behavior.

Market research

Segmentation, study of samples (study instruments, observation, survey, focus group, qualitative and quantitative studies), competency analysis, benchmarking.

Traditional marketing

Planning, proposing and executing offline strategies (brochures, bus stops (billboards), posters, public transport, billboards, cinema, radio and television).

Digital marketing

Lyonn Agency can help planning, proposing and executing creative strategies based on the main Internet resources such as social media. In addition using ads through keywords in search engines (Google Adwords), Remarketing (based on browsing history) and email Marketing.

Social media marketing

Strategy and design of content and promotions, customer service and email management.

Web analytics and SEO services

Progress metric to have better results and higher positioning.

Benefits that matters.

Lyonn offers digital marketing services. So we’ll give you the necessary support, we have the expertice to give you the marketing campaign you need. Because a great marketing campaign will make the difference between having a good product and being able to sell it. Finally, Lyonn Agency can provide you the marketing services you need, and the advices to improve your business.

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